Lettuce, vegetables and toasted bread salad

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This recipe isn’t from any person in particular; I had fattoush in many people’s homes as a side dish and in different restaurants across Palestine. Everyone has a different twist to it, in particular when it comes to how to toast the bread. Bread is one of the distinctive ingredients of this salad and its name, fattoush, refers to the bread that’s mixed into it. Fatta or fattet is used as a name for Palestinian and Levant dishes which have toasted pieces of khubiz arabi (Arabic pitta bread) as their base, like fattet hummus which combines fried bread with hummus and tahini.

In fattoush salad, the bread is either fried or baked in the oven, then combined with herbs, green leaves and other fresh vegetables, and topped with a lemony dressing and the Middle Eastern spice sumac. It’s fresh, crunchy and full of flavours. The bread is an absolute must. I prefer it when it’s fried in oil rather than baked. I first fell in love with fattoush when I ate it at Bonjour Arabesque in Bethlehem, where the khobiz is deep fried. But the healthier alternative with oven baked pitta is wonderful too.


FATTOUSH lettuce, vegetables and toasted bread salad
Difficulty Easy
Preparation time 35 minutes
Serves 4 people as a side - 2 people as main dish