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I cannot thank enough all the people in Palestine who opened their homes to me, shared their recipes and cooking skills, and talked to me about food, culture and life. Every person I met made me feel part of their life and family, even for a few hours, so thank you Nasser, Salam, Jamila, Shaban, Fidaa, Suha, Fayda, Fatima, Wafa, Rasha, Nadera, Nareen, Itidal, Ayman, Fidaa, Zleikha, Faten, Arwa, Hanin, Nisreen, Khader, Mohammad, Rani & Hanadi, the Rashaydah family, everyone at the Beit Safafa women’s association, DCI Hebron and the women from Happy Homes, the great people of Al Auja Eco-Centre and the inspiring Daoud from Tents of Nations. Thanks also to my friend Roni at Jivana Cafe in Bethlehem who let me use this great space as my temporary office on many occasions.

It goes without saying that I am very grateful to Shoruq, my partner organisation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Without their support, this project would have never taken off. So thank you to Shoruq's staff and board members, especially Nasser, Suha, Nadim, Munther and Tamara.

Then huge thank yous go to my friends in Europe who have supported me in this adventure and helped me with many things especially Miriam, Karolina, Shane and Sebastien. Thank you also to my family and friends in Belgium who allowed me to test so many recipes on them. And my final thank you goes to my sister Veronica, my biggest inspiration and influence.

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A view of the separation wall (or apartheid wall) in Bethlehem, near the main checkpoint